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Get Clean and Safe Water, On-Demand


Do you want the same clean and safe water you've come to expect from Clearly Filtered, right out of your tap (Yes, your existing tap)? Our revolutionary 3-stage under-the-sink filtration system is as easy as it gets. Wash vegetables, run pasta water, or fill your coffee maker with peace of mind knowing your tap water will be filtered to remove up to 99.9% of 232+ contaminants.


  • Non-permanent & quick DIY installation: (does not require a plumber, dedicated faucet, or storage tank)
  • Compatible with cold water line (does not impact hot/warm water line)
  • Retains the natural minerals & nutrients found in the water
  • Tool-free filter changes: switch out all 3 filters together at every 2,000 gallons


3-Stage Under the Sink Water Filter System

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