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BLDG ACTIVE's Active Repair Kids Spray is a solution for your child’s everyday skin damage: natural, non-toxic, antibiotic free and non-sensitizing (no-sting). 


Active Skin Repair Kids Spray is a medical-grade treatment for everyday wound care and skin repair. It is simple to use, multi-functional and helps support the body’s natural healing process. The technology used in Active Skin Repair's Kids Spray is the clinically studied molecule used in hospitals, burn centers and trauma units worldwide.


Active Spray works on: Minor wounds, cuts, scrapes, sunburns, normal burns, chaffing, rashes, insect bites, and other skin irritations. A multi-functional offering that combines the coverage of all your common first aid products condensed down into a single 3 oz bottle.


For the first time, this regenerative technology allows you to externally treat everyday skin damage using the same molecule that your body uses internally. Because the product is natural and non-toxic, it is safe to use around the head, eyes, mouth, and ears. All Active Skin Repair products are manufactured in California using an ISO 9000 clean room. Every product lot goes through robust stability, efficacy, and safety testing before being released.

BLDG Active Skin Repair Kids Spray


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