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Fabelab's Play Purse - Flower is a playfully shaped little bag to carry with you, with your dolls, doll clothes and accessories. Open the Play Purse and unlock the doors to the Land of Fabelab, a secret world of full imagination, magical beings and childhood memories. 
Shaped as a beautiful flower, our Play Purse is perfect as a bring-along shoulderbag that zips up and reveals a magical world of imagination and play. When you open the purse, it becomes a colourful playmat with a bed of flowers, two pockets and three soft and sweet characters that live in the land of Fabelab, for your child to explore and let their stories come to life. Fabelab's Play Purse is perfect when travelling or for a day on the go. You can use the Play Purse together with our Magical Beings to explore all the adventures and create and unfold your own stories.

Play Purse Flower


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