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Kokedama: also known as Japanese moss balls, offers a unique presentation style to decorate any room. The traditional pot is replaced with wrapping the root system and soil in moss and string. The vibrant moss ball highlights the plant’s natural features and catches the eye. These plants will capture the eye whether displayed on a table or hanging from a wall. Our collection makes a great gift for friends and family near and far. We hope you enjoy!


Saucers: We do not recommend that kokedama sit directly on a surface as it will cause damage from the water and moss. It needs to be placed on a plate, saucer or within a bowl.


Care instruction: a care instruction card will be sent with each kokedama.

1) Submerge 3/4th of the kokedama ball in water once a week for 10 -15 minutes, or when ball feels dry and light.

2) Gently squeeze out excess water.

3) Place back on the saucer or strings.

4) Enjoy!



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